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My name Theresa Moodie

I’m passionate about practicing the philosophy that a healthy mind is a healthy body. I offer a unique blend of holistic, mind body awareness which enables my students to make lifelong changes towards a healthier way of living. When I’m not working you’ll find me enjoying yoga classes in the park, practicing martial arts, learning to longboard and keeping fit.

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What People Say

What people are saying about Theresa Moodie

Gabi Harris

Gabi Harris

I would so recommend Theresa’s Shoulder Workshop, such a brilliantly informative combination of practical application and academic/anatomical analysis presented by these 2 awesome women, I walked away with a greatly enhanced knowledge and understanding that I have applied to my teaching as a Pilates instructor and to my own body and practice. I would attend any and all further workshops. Well done!

Carla Elaine Lambert-Nel

Carla Elaine Lambert-Nel

” I had a wonderful workshop with Theresa and Clare about how to project your voice effectively in the yoga class. It was so much fun and really informative. This workshop is definitely one i can recommend. “

Laurie Cyprianos

Laurie Cyprianos

” Theresa is just a great person and a wonderful yoga teacher. She is patient, kind and always encouraging. I’m doing Restorative Yoga after major surgery and could not have imagined finding such an extraordinary person to help me on my road to recovery and strength “

catherine leong

Catherine Leong

“ Theresa has an incredible amount of knowledge and understanding of the human body but you never feel intimidated by what she has to share. a refreshingly real teacher who always makes you feel good about yourself! ”